So, for some strange reason, people think Armin is a bad person for (I’m assuming) lying to Bert to get under his skin and distract him so that they could get Eren back. Honestly; they think he’s never done similar things before, and it just baffles me.

He has used his mind to figure out what will get under someone else’s skin from his very first appearance. In fact, it’s where you can trace the habit back to— he has never been physically strong, and when he would get beaten up by bullies, he would fight back with his words and use them to get the reaction he wished for.

It has became a very clear habit for him, stemming from the days of being bullied and not having Mikasa and Eren to protect him. When he’s met with a foe who is too powerful for him, he uses his words to gain the upper-hand. And it certainly doesn’t make him a bad person; it’s smart. It’s why they got Annie away so they could capture her, it’s why the Female-Type titan got distracted and did not kill Jean, and it’s why Eren was back in Legion hands.

It’s a simple matter of brain over brawn and he uses it to his advantage when he realized it was the only thing that gave him power over his bullies. Even if they could beat him to a pulp, he was still able to make their faces cringe and them yell and scream insults at him— it caused a reaction. That’s why bullies beat up kids, because they like seeing a reaction and feeling powerful. Armin is no different, except rather than just using it for his own gain, he’s used it to save others and for the benefit of humanity.

I will never understand why someone can say he is in the wrong for this.

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