There seems to be an argument between fans that either Zoe is reckless, or she’s too smart to be reckless. The former fans tend to be the ones making fanart of her getting killed, and the latter get angry at said fanart and say ‘no, that’s impossible.’

I think both sides are missing a dire point of her personality.

She’s reckless, but only when it comes to herself. She values the fight against titans over her life and health, and nearly looses her limbs or head when Sawney and Bean are in her care. She grabs at Eren’s titan hand, not caring about how dangerous it could be and ended up hurting her hands, and when Irwin came to start a recon mission to get back Eren from Bert and Reiner, she crawls to him and tells him exactly what she thinks they should do despite her injuries from the force of the Colossal titan falling on the Rouge titan.

She has proven time and time again, as Moblit’s pointed out nearly every time he appears, that she’s too reckless for her own good.

But this is only half of it. When other lives are at stake, she doesn’t fool around. She takes care of Eren’s wounds after he got the shit beat out of him by Levi—which she scolded him about—, she screams at and threatens Pastor Nick because of how he’s indirectly the cause of death for so many of her comrades, and when the Colossal titan starts blowing off steam like a candle, she doesn’t fuck around and immediately tells her squad to back off. There’s a huge amount of other instances, including how she orders Eren and Mikasa around multiple times based on whether or not she finds the situation too dangerous for them.

She definitely is smart enough to understand when things are too dangerous, and makes sure to use that brainpower to keep those around her as safe as she can. But when it comes to her own health, she simply doesn’t care. It might ultimately lead to her downfall if one day she’s not quick enough, but she has a very defined set of priorities:

The lives of others > The fight against titans > Her love of knowledge > Her own life.

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