I’ve wanted to talk about Annie for a while now.

The anime-onlys don’t care much about her yet, but the people who read the manga misinterpret her so horribly. The other day I read a thing about how Bert and Reiner were closer to Annie than it seemed at first, and they launched into this thing about how when Bert says ‘nobody likes to kill,’ it was a shot at Annie. They claimed Annie liked to kill, and I couldn’t read any more of it after that. I had to stop.

This is a girl who was forced from her father to do a mission we know little about, who was told by the said father that even if the entire world hates her, her father would still care. She thought about that in her last moments before incasing herself in the crystal, while crying her eyes out.

It bothers me that people think that this character, arguably the most tragic character we’ve come across, is bloodthirsty.

She calls herself scum, and a failure. She cried in the forest when she couldn’t complete her mission and capture Eren, and it carried on to the morning, when her comrades were wondering why she was in such a terrible mood. 

The same chapter, she went on about how she was a bad person, but truly good people were rare, and was shown to be thinking about Eren as she described truly good people. And that same boy that she thought was so amazing of a person, betrayed her and captured her, and the look on her face as it happened, as she looked right at him, wasn’t one of ‘I want to kill you.’ It struck me as ‘How could you.’

Along with Eren, her relationship with others goes unnoticed. she was not only touched when Armin told her she was a good person, but actually agreed to “help them escape” when Armin told her that he thought she was a bad person if she didn’t. She cared about what he thought of her, to the point where she risked her place in the Military Police. She risked her mission for him.

It isn’t even just the people she made friends with. She stood over one of her fallen comrades and kept saying ‘sorry’ until she was told it was useless; she had an obviously horrified look in her face when she crushed the church and the innocents inside; it could even be said that she was crying after she failed her mission in the forest, because those she killed were killed in vain.

She’s killed many, but it’s wrong to say she enjoys it just because she tries to keep a straight face through it all. Being as she tries so hard to look strong and often contradicts herself, you have to be careful to see which parts of what she does and says are truthful. And as soon as you weed through her disguise as a monster, you realize that she’s just a poor girl who was forced away from her father for something bigger than herself.

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