Anonymous: What are your thoughts on Hange's squad? Are they going to become more important or fade back into the background? I'm very curious about them and their roles in the Corps.

I’m hoping that since Nifa earned her name and they’re all around more and more often, we’ll see them become more important.

Maybe Goggles-kun will have a name soon!

Anonymous: I found it strange how Eren always seemed to openly admire Annie's skills during their training years, but seems to respond negatively whenever Mikasa shows her strength. It seemed like he was always comparing himself to Mikasa and resented the fact that she was stronger than him. What's your take on all his resentment and the progression of his relationship with Mikasa?

You know, one of these days I gotta reread and save all the times Eren gets angry at her for her strength.

Because I don’t think it’s very often he expresses any distaste about it. Definitely not as often as half the fandom thinks it is.

Anonymous: 1. i'm sorry if this has been brought up before, but i've seen theories on other sites about levi and mikasa. i think the most interesting one was that the ackerman clan has higher bone density (which would explain their weights) and as such are better soldiers. but the biggest part of the theory was the fact that they both have been through the amount of trauma necessary (levi in his training by the weirdo and mikasa in her parent's killing) to remove

the physical limitations of their bodies, the same way that mothers can suddenly lift heavy objects to save their children. except that they’re always stuck in this mode and therefore can preform better than anyone else. anyway, it’s just a theory.

I think it’s an interesting theory, but I also feel like it might be kind of far-fetched. 

After all, Isayama does good when it comes to showing familial relations through genetics. But Captain Ackerman doesn’t look anything like Levi. He’s probably only a mentor, and thus it wouldn’t make sense for them to have the same genetics. And as for the physical limitations thing, I’d say it’s much easier to assume training. Maybe Mr. Ackerman even trained Mikasa from birth, resulting in her being as powerful as she is.

Anonymous: do you think levi was an assassin?

Anonymous: i know you've said that levi might die this arc, but don't you think that's kind of unlikely considering how much fandom armor he has (i.e. the fans love him so much that killing him off would risk decreasing snk's ratings)? also, would you stop watching snk if hanji died?

Did I say he’ll die this arc? I think I’ve answered people theorizing it with ‘that’s possible,’ but I don’t remember saying it myself. Might be wrong, though. I have bad memory.

Anyway, I think if anyone, Erwin and Hange are the ones to die.

And no, I wouldn’t drop it. I have an extreme hatred of the Hange fans who say they’ll drop it if she dies. I like Attack on Titan for more than just one dumb character, thanks.

Anonymous: Is there any evidence that Levi is bothered by his height?

Uhh, he never seems bothered by it in particular.

But he sure as hell gets bothered when someone else mentions it. Like the people in Trost that were like ‘ohh he’s so short I didn’t know b/c he’s always on his horse!’

I mean, just look at his face on that page:

Anonymous: notps? (be honest plz)

Tbh, any common yaoi pairing.

Anonymous: when captain ackerman asks in the recent chapter if reeves had ever heard of a levi ackerman, is that the first time we hear of levi's last name?

So far as I can tell, yeah. That’s why everyone flipped.

Anonymous: Let's say I become a famous author of a book. I have tons of fans. 99% of them respect my work and draw adorable--or creepy, I don't judge--fanart. All is well, and then suddenly I see IT. Fan "art" of some monstrosity that is /supposedly/ my main character...Except their skin tone and hair color + style are completely different. I gasp in horror as my character is drawn in repulsive tumblr feminist clothing, piercings all over, and making a dumb face. I suddenly desire to punch whoever drew it.

And then when you make some joke about such fanart, you are then deemed a racist.

And, if you’re Andrew Hussie, you quickly backtrack and say that no, it is the other fans who laughed at such jokes that are the racists, and that you are perfectly not-racist.

Anonymous: I just saw a fandom famous person reblog a "dont draw fat characters skinny it's disrespectful to the artist ur changing their features for no reason" post and guess what? they fucking racebend EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER (you know who i mean; korean armin, black connie, etc.) The hypocrisy is killing me.

It’s only disrespectful if the group they’re changing the character to be a part of isn’t oppressed, anon!! Oppressed in North America, that is.