Anonymous: I saw someone state "I wish somebody could love me as much as Hanji loves titans" and I was so tempted to say "So you want someone to have this very strong dislike and very strong pity for you just like Hange does for Titans?" but I felt that would have been mean. But I was still tempted to do so (It was on the #hanji-zoe tag)

Anonymous: I really like that fake preview because it probably means said characters won't be turning into Titans in the series, otherwise he wouldn't draw them, would he?

Yyyup! He was mocking the theorists who go ‘[insert random character here] IS A TITAN’

Mikasa being most important.

Anonymous: I liked it. Especially that Jean's reaction to his mother seemed like what a teen boy would have and I liked more Sasha. It's very comedy-oriented and fun to me and yeah, they acknowledged a lot of the fake previews along with some of the extra artwork Isayama has done. It was an interesting contrast to see pre-Trost Jean and the whole story with him was based on something Isayama proposed. Just more fanservice for Jean fans and Isayama because he's his favorite character.

I’ve been thiiiinking about eventually watching it, but idunno.

It’s funny to have seen the anime-only reactions to the fake preview parts, though. ‘WHY DID EVERYONE TURN INTO TITANS WHAT THE HECK’


Anonymous: Ah, okay. Thanks for explaining. Do you hate the 2nd OVA the same way?

The 2nd OVA I never bothered watching. It seems like they just wanted to acknowledge all the fake covers, though. 

Anonymous: Why don't the confined Titans count? It is a thing we do see. Moblit was basically introduced to tell her to be careful. If that doesn't count for you, it's fine, though. I'm personally mostly okay with it because she ended up apologizing for it.

It doesn’t count because

  1. They’re confined and pose no real danger
  2. Moblit was telling her to be careful because he’s a worrywart and constantly freaks out, even over something as simple as Hange researching the hardened titan skin part in the lab
  3. She put no one besides herself in any danger at all. But being reckless with non-confined titans can cost lives of other soldiers, as seen by Auruo’s almost-death in the OVA.
Anonymous: Well, Hange really isn't my favorite character and you're gonna be angry seeing how passionate you are about her character, but I personally don't see issues with it because Hange has been shown to be a bit reckless regarding Titans and in the end, she did apologize for her behaviour. Don't bite my head off, please. I've had some mean people wanting to do that for sharing my opinions recently. :(

Please show me when in the manga she was reckless around titans. Eren and confined titans do not count.

Show me where she’s been reckless in battle, with wild titans. Even outside of Eren and S&B, the only other case I can think of is a little bit of a giggle when she caught the FTT, in a way that was supposed to completely immobilize her and make her safe to be around. She could risk giggling. And she IMMEDIATELY became serious again when the other titans came to devour her.

Anonymous: Most of that was filler, though. I wouldn't take it too seriously in measuring how they'll animate canon material. The series has exactly 3 script writers, too. You can blame Yasuko Kobayashi for Hanji - the same writer also wrote eps. 14, 24-25. While Hanji's focus episode was someone else. But that writer sure likes their goofy Hanji.

The fact they took an extra few pages in the manga that showed how well Hange and Levi can work together, that they can go outside the walls alone, and turned it into a filler that was just Hange being an idiot, means I can take it seriously.

I don’t understand why you would be like ‘oh, but that was just one writer…’ Unless he’s going to be kicked off and unless new script writers aren’t going to take ideas from him, my annoyance and pessimism is legitimate. Not to mention that if he was responsible for 14, 24, and 25, what about the other episodes with Hange? What about her first appearance, where she was giggling while fighting titans? What about the OVA?

I think you’re taking it too lightly and trying to be too optimistic about it.

Anonymous: Part of me feels they could actually fix the problems with the pace this arc has for me. I felt season 1 also had poor planning at points, if it were a few eps shorter, arguably the pacing low of ep. 10-12 and 19-20 could've been fixed. I'm not angry with WIT actually. It was their first big project, they had some staffing issues - you can tell from the TV version and they didn't even expect the series to catch on, at least from what I remember from a comment of Isayama.

Oh, yeah, see, I felt the same way. Until the OVA came out. They clung way too much to their mischaracterization of Hange that I don’t think that I can be optimistic about it anymore. I was hoping for something really good that showed Hange as the leader she is, but instead I got a reckless idiot who puts people’s lives in danger. 

I wasn’t happy.

Anonymous: Who's characterization are you most worried about for season 2?

I’m p sure all my long-staying followers know the answer to that question.

My favorite little girl is horrible enough in S1 and her OVA. And in S2, she becomes WAY more important. I don’t think the creators of the anime will be able to handle that much Hange without fucking her up at least as much as they had in S1. Hopefully not quite as much as in the OVA.

Anonymous: I don't think they'll redo season 1 because most of the changes were only the last two episodes, but it'd be fun if they'd make the recap movies with the actual manga ending as fanservice. The series sold like hot cakes. I'm sure they'll make sure to be more accurate to the manga because they weren't really expecting it to become so huge.

Nah, I’d argue against that. They made plenty of changes, they just weren’t massive changes like in the last few episodes. They were just slight differences in scenes and characterization.

But like… I find it similar to FMA. The original verged off(because the manga wasn’t done yet), and also changed some scenes in the manga. Brotherhood was closer to the manga.

It’s just that they were made a long time apart. But considering AoT became such a hit, I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually redid it. Redoing anime seems to be a big hit now, anyway. FMA did it, Sailor Moon did it, Kuroshitsuji partially did it(added on stuff that was in the manga after the anime ended), Evangelion did it, etc… 

However, if they did this, it’d probably in the two films they’re planning, rather than remaking S1 as a whole.