Anonymous: Yet more people are claiming SnK is white washed. I don't see it. Because white washing is when you take a canon non-white person and make them white. That's not happening in SnK. The opposite is happening in the fandom, where they take canon white people and make them non-white.

There’s such bad brown-washing that they take fucking light-skinned non-white characters(AKA THE HALF-JAPANESE MIKASA) and make them dark as hell.

Anonymous: ("Marco was only for Jean’s character development" -shows a horror struck expression of Marco-) Ummm, wasn't Marco's only purpose to help develop Jean's character? -just saw a post that said this- I'm pretty sure that Marco's only reason was to fuel Jean and push him forward. Unless I'm mistaken.

Marco fangirls like upping his importance.

Half the reason he died was to further Jean’s character development and give him and the other undecided scouts a reason to join the SL.

The other half is because Isayama found him boring and decided to kill him prematurely.

Personally I would not say Levi 30+ was CONFIRMED confirmed before since it was only mentioned by third party’s twitter and could have easily been hearsay. But yah it’s not surprising and at least we have official 100% confirmation now.

Anonymous: Levi was also confirmed as being 30+. Apparently it'll tie in with the plot? fuku-shuu(.)tumblr(.)com/post/94726106512/breaking-levi-confirmed-to-be-30-years-old

This was confirmed some time ago. He answered a question about ‘Will Levi grow anymore?’ with ‘Well, he’s in his 30s…’ It’s been canon since Jean being a mama’s boy was confirmed.

Anonymous: Got done rereading Utgard. It's so good. I just want this arc to get over with so we'll be back with the main mysteries. It's not that the Ackerman thing, getting Eren to use the armour, mystery girl or Historia's real importance isn't interesting or important in it's own way. I just want to see more about the shifters. Just gotta be patient I suppose We know the arc will probably go out on /some/ sort of bang. They wouldn't hype it for no reason, I suppose.

This arc ties into the main mysteries, I’m sure. 


Shingeki no Kyojin’s editor, Kawakubo Shintaro, was interviewed by University of Tokyo (Todai) Newspaper. The interview is published online recently. He also studied Economics in Todai.

Note: It’s rather long, and I didn’t bother to read everything. Anyway, here’s the parts I find interesting.

Points of interests

  • They plan to end the series in 3-4 years.
    (T/N: In a previous Q&A session with editor, he mentioned that “Isayama wants to end snk within 25 volumes”. Do your own math)
  • Editor and Isayama meet up at the start of the month for 7-10 days to discuss the storyboard.
  • The storyboard is rough sketches for the manga.
  • Isayama works on the storyboard at Kodansha.
  • Despite being popular, Isayama is still very humble.
    (T/N: He also mentioned the same thing in this interview)
  • They are done with the foreshadowing.
  • Isayama said the next step is steering the story towards the ending, and solving the mysteries.
  • None of mysteries he finds interesting ever since serialization started have been solved yet.
  • Please look forward to it.


Q: What is your favorite scene in “Shingeki no Kyojin”?
I like the scene where the character, Annie Leonhardt, reveals her identity to the main characters. Annie was once their comrades, and when they found out who she is, she confessed, starting with the words, “Seriously, I’m hurt”. I think that’s cool. As you know, Annie took the lives of Eren’s comrades. She’s a traitor so I was surprised when (Isayama made) Annie speak those words.


Anonymous: Yeah, I was kind of thinking that maybe I'm being too picky. Thanks for the thoughts.

I mostly just think Erwin is the wrong person to point to. Levi’s inability to express his emotions and thoughts clearly doesn’t really have any downsides to it, and the only times where it’s fucked him over were resolved fairly quickly. 

And I’m still hoping that Hange’s anger issues will catch up with her. They haven’t exactly yet, but we can only hope that it will happen. 

Anonymous: Oops - Forgot the bit about Erwin, it's iffy to me because there's arguably only one situation where Erwin himself made a mistake instead of some outside factor playing in (when he was a stupid kid, and even then he was a stupid kid). But you brought up the sacrifical thing and if Erwin's death turns out to be a really bad thing and have serious consquences, sure. It's too hard to say right now, really. It would tie into the whole "sacrificing yourself blindly isn't always the best".

I don’t know what you’re expecting. Erwin losing his arm is supposed to be penance, not to mention it definitely was his own mistake- he was the one who made all his soldiers run in toward the hoard of titans. So that’s two instances. Not having Mary and a nice life with three children like Nile has is another thing that’s entirely his fault because he dedicated his life to getting rid of titans. 

I really don’t know what you’re expecting in terms of ‘fucking themselves over.’ Having them die? Because all the things Erwin does already has serious consequences. He and the SL are just barely scrapping by, and that’s not something new. And I’m actually very sure that his actions with throwing away soldiers’ lives will be used against him in an effort to make him look like a villain to the civilians who are starting to change their minds.

Anonymous: Why do people keep changing the text in the scene where Hange dropped in on the reporters? She stated "I'm Hange Zoe, squad leader of the Survey Corps". People keep editting it to say "I'm Hange Zoe, Commander of the Survey Corps". She clearly is saying "squad leader" there. Why do they keep changing it? I know she's the future commander, but she clearly is saying that she isn't the commander yet.

Well, technically she’s the current working commander in Erwin’s stead. He can’t do anything, so she’s the commander while he’s unable to be one. She’ll be the official one when and if he dies. I don’t know if there’s something with the Japanese or anything, but I know that she’s at least functioning as commander while Erwin is gone.

I wonder if this says something about her, though? Maybe that she doesn’t want to take Erwin’s place and still thinks he’s rightful commander, even if he specifically gave the position to her.

Anonymous: Since you're sick of the Hange stuff, I'll actually phrase my thing on a more general level. It's a thing bugging me actually with the SL adult trio. Their supposed negative traits haven't really had that many consequences. Levi's shit with people and expressing himself, but hasn't really affected anything immensely, Erwin's ruthless and sacrifices people, but it really hasn't had any lasting effects either. It's the same way with Hange's recklessness with Titans or anger. Thoughts on that?

Levi made Eren scared of him and pissed off Conne, Sasha, and Jean until just recently.
Erwin’s sacrifical tendencies led to the SL getting smaller constantly and ended up in him losing his right arm.
Hange is only reckless where there’s not too much room for things to go wrong.

EDIT: I have to add, I feel like Hange’s anger issues will get her in trouble soon enough. She’ll mess with the wrong person, and it won’t end up good for her.