Anonymous: What do you think Levi and Hange’s first interaction was like?

I doubt they were the best of buddies at first. 

Anonymous: I love how much his art has progressed. It’s gotten so much better over the years. More than anything though, I’m looking for that fucking cravat and standard uniform to return lmao. But now that you mention it, I’m excited to see Annie as well.
Anonymous: Do you think Hange may have flipped out on Levi during one of their first encounters?

?? Why would she?

Anonymous: I’m not sure why, but I cannot wait to see Isayama draw Levi in his standard uniform again. It’s been quite sometime since we’ve last seen his damn cravat. And with how much more detailed Isayama has been drawing him, I can’t help but get excited over such a small thing. Hopefully we get some flashbacks or something with him soon. I’m dying to know about his past, or at least, a part of it.

Or when he draws Annie again.

I found it hilarious when he drew Hange again after the gap from when she fought the Colossal and the Armored at Wall Rose and when they returned after the battle outside the Walls.

She looked a little odd because Isayama hadn’t drawn her for over a year.

Just wait till Annie pops back up again. She’s gonna be totally different looking, just because he hasn’t drawn her in so long. 

Anonymous: I love having the ability to interpret things. When games like Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls give you the ability to interpret what may have happened here or there, I love it. Why? Because people can come up with really amazing theories and such. But then you have idiots. Idiots that believe what they state is canon and whatever you state is wrong. That’s the biggest issue with interpretation. Unfortunately the SnK fandom is filled with idiots, and I think you can see where I’m headed with this..

I know. It sucks. And they’re not even— to be honest, they’re not even good headcanons. It’s not even something fun. No, it’s stuff to bitch about others not being diverse enough, or being transphobic/racist for things that aren’t at all transphobic/racist. 

They don’t seem to understand headcanons are supposed to be fun. They all just consist of “____ IS TRANS” or “_____ IS A POC” 

Anonymous: Do you think we’ll get some good information from when Isayama will decide to speak on Levi’s cleanliness?

If it happens at all, I think it’ll be in the coming chapters, considering Levi and Kenny are going to meet up again and they’ll likely discuss their past.

Anonymous: So, when the fuck did Hange become agender? Are people seriously hating on LeviHan because they interpret her to be female? Are you /fucking kidding me/? Have you not stated this yourself – her gender is up to interpretation.

This shit’s been going on since I’ve been in the fandom, really. For a while. 

I just think it’s a little funny that they think this Japanese man would know what ‘nonbinary’ or ‘agender’ is. Most Americans don’t know. And Japan lumps in transgender with gay and tomboyish/feminine(I guess like tumblr does. ‘I’M TRANS BC I DONT LIKE WEARING DRESSES’) and looks down on them. It’s just that tumblr tends to think that those instances of characters that are considered weird/strange (Hange, Chihiro from DR, that girl from Persona that’s basically the opposite of Chihiro, etc) means transgender. No, they just don’t fit completely in their assigned gender roles, which are very rigid in Japan, and so their gender becomes something of a wonder. They aren’t trans.

You know what happens when a character in Japanese media is trans? You get something like Catherine’s Erica Anderson. Her being trans tends to go over people’s heads until you reach the True Ending, where it’s revealed. But replaying, the characters that know are very rude and uncomfortable when the subject of her gender and femininity come up. The guy she was involved with was actually disgusted when he found out. Her gender was more than just a wonder, more than just ‘you’re a girl/boy?’ It was transphobic. That’s closer to what you’ll see in the world, particularly places like Japan, that aren’t as progressive(but also most likely aren’t at a point where they’d beat the shit out of you, they’d just be rude/uncomfortable) as other places about the matter of gender. Fuck, you’ll get this stuff in the US. I know people who think things like ‘if I had sex with a hot woman and it turns how she’s a dude, I’d kill myself,’ and do things like refuse to call transgender people by their correct pronouns, instead calling MTFs ‘he’ and FTMs ‘she.’ Tumblr likes assuming that the world isn’t half as transphobic as it actually is, as shown by their tendency to make trans headcanons for everyone and have them live happy little lives.


Wow, though. This turned into a kind of rant about tumblr stupidity in general…

EDIT: I should probably also acknowledge that this isn’t just a trans ally making a character to make trans people happy for representation. In the credits of the game, they use her birth name, ‘Eric.’ They treat transgender sex as ‘weird’ and ‘wrong.’ They also further the idea she’s actually ‘a man pretending to be a woman’ by making her have nightmares that only appear in men.

Anonymous: What is your take on this "Hange ignoring Levi" bullshit?

It’s a stupid misunderstanding.

She COMPLETELY acknowledged what he said. She just said “we’ll save that thought for later” because if they fucking stopped to ponder about it Eren could very well be eaten.

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Apparently the AU ‘Attack on Space’ has a kickstarter to make it a movie.

I don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that they think $35,000 would cut it, or the fact they actually think they wouldn’t have their asses kicked by copyright laws.

Please report this for copyright infringement. I know there’s a lot of (needless) tolerance for selling fanart, but this is particularly not okay.

aosla please explain to this person because I don’t have the energy

I know you were arguing with someone else.

It doesn’t matter if they promise to take it down if they get a cease and desist notice (which no 1 they’d be forced to even if they didn’t promise, and no 2 isn’t fair because this is in a small part if an overseas fandom that they might not realize is there FOR THEM to send the notice), it’s still against the law. They need to look up copyright laws- this is copyright infringement. Even if it’s non-profit.

Here’s a good post about it:

EDIT: I read one of the posts by the creators. Any money they receive goes to future productions. That means profit. That means they can’t hide behind fair use or parody laws.